About us

The Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) is a service for medical and dental practitioners living within the London Strategic Health Authority area with issues that may relate to a mental or physical health concern or addiction problems, in particular where this might be affecting work.

The Hurley Group has been awarded the contract to deliver the PHP. The service operates in central London, led by Dr Clare Gerada FRCP FRCGP MRCPsych, a general practitioner with expertise in managing addiction and mental health problems and long experience of treating health professionals.

Specialist services (PHP2) are provided by a number of selected providers. These are:

The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.
• Inpatient facilities are provided at Clouds House.

In some circumstances practitioner-patients can be referred to providers other than those listed above.

PHP is funded by London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)  via NHS England, who manage the commissioning of PHP.

These interventions follow NICE guidelines.

If your depression is very severe we can liaise with your GP and CMHT to arrange for inpatient admission. Alternatively we can arrange for you to receive specialist out-patient treatment at one of the PHP2 providers.

If you need admission for an addiction problem we can arrange this for you. This service is free to you. If you need admission for a mental health problem we can facilitate this in conjunction with your GP and CMHT. We will talk with you about where is best for you.