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Live Outside London?

If you live outside of London, it is possible for you to access PHP. The referral process will vary depending on where you live, full details are provided here.

Please note – PHP is a London-based service. If you are unable to attend appointments in London please call us before seeking/agreeing funding for an assessment.

Brighton & Hove GP’s:

GPs on Brighton & Hove’s performers list can self refer to the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP). See patient information leaflet here Brighton and Hove GP Information Leaflet. You will be invited for an initial face to face assessment at Riverside Medical Centre in London.  This can last up to two hours.

Kent, Sussex, Surrey (KSS) managed trainee doctors/dentists/pharmacists:

Health Education Kent, Sussex, Surrey managed trainee doctors (foundation (inc South Thames Foundation School), specialty, higher specialty and GP), dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can self refer to the service.

Please bring evidence to confirm your identity and enrolment on an HEKSS managed training programme to the first appointment, please note that this will not be passed on to the HEKSS. This may include a recent payslip, a P60 or signed contract of employment and correspondence from HEKSS/STFS.

Our contract with HEKSS enables PHP to invite practitioner patients, suitable for PHP care, to an initial face to face assessment which will last approximately one hour. PHP can then offer a range of services including CBT (Limited number of sessions), or alternative support and follow up, or advise the practitioner patient on alternative services.

Further information can be found in the Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (inc STFS) Information Leaflet.

Doctors employed by East and North Herts CCG and Herts Valley CCG:

All GPs working in the East and North Herts CCG or Herts Valley CCG can self-refer to the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP). You can do this by calling us on 0203 049 4504 or sending an email through the Contact Us page.

This service is aimed at GPs who are concerned about their mental health or addiction problems. You will be invited for an initial face to face assessment at Riverside Medical Centre in London.  This can last up to two hours.

Meanwhile, the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LMC pastoral care services remain in place for all GPs working throughout Bedfordshire, Luton and Hertfordshire and can be accessed by phoning 01438 880010 (or visit for further help).

Doctors and dentists from other areas of the UK:

Currently we do not have contractual arrangements in place for other areas of the UK. However we are able to accept referrals on a cost per case basis. This leaflet is a guide for both the doctor/dentist wanting to access our service and their GP Out Of Area Information Leaflet.

If you are a referring organisation from outside London we would need confirmation of funding arrangements, in writing, at the time of referral. Cost per case patients would be assessed in the first instance and then a care plan would be devised, costed, and shared confidentially with the referring organisation for funding approval.

Please note we are unable to accept referrals for practitioners with eating disorders or significant psychosis due to patient safety concerns.

The PHP team can offer a standard assessment or an in-depth assessment based on the complexity of the patient.

A standard assessment involves-

  •  A two-hour consultation
  • Completion of health, social and work functioning evaluation
  • Production of a report and an ongoing suggested care plan with associated costs if facilitated through PHP

The cost of the standard assessment is £750.

A complex assessment involves-

  •  Two two-hour consultations
  • Completion of health, social and work functioning evaluation
  • A detailed report, psychiatric assessment with ongoing suggested care plan and associated costs if facilitated through PHP.

The cost of the complex assessment is £1,500.

If it transpires that patients initially seen for the standard assessment require the more complex assessment, we reserve the right to charge the higher tier fee.

PHP categories and cost patients by the following-

From 1st April 2015 these costs are-

Minor Mental Health                  £3,850.00
Major Mental Health                  £5,500.00
Multiple Health Issues              £7,500.00
Addictions- Year 1                    £5,500.00
Addictions- Additional years    £3,500.00
Physical Issues                         £2,750.00

The proposed care plan would give an annual fixed cost for PHP treatment according to the assigned category. Plus an estimate of the associated costs for example for CBT or in-patient rehabilitation. Typical care plans may include:

  • CBT – 8 sessions (occasionally extended to a further 8 sessions where required)
  • Psychotherapy – 20 sessions
  • Liason with GP and CMHT where required
  • Unlimited access to the PHP core team – consisting of GPwSIs, psychiatrists, and specialist nurses.

Please note we do not update referrers on a practitioner’s engagement with PHP, without the practitioner patient’s consent, excepting in the rare circumstances where there is a significant risk to patients, others or self.


Cameron Fund

If you are unable to access the service through NHS routes, GPs can apply for funding of an assessment via the Cameron fund:

The Cameron Fund is a medical benevolent charity which supports general practitioners and their dependents. The Fund has agreed to cover the costs of the initial assessment for eligible GPs working outside of London, providing specific eligibility criteria are met. Applicants will need to complete the forms below and email or post to The Cameron Fund.

Process for application to the Cameron Fund ,  Application form and Ethnic monitoring form

If you have any queries or require assistance with completing the form please contact Jane Cope at The Cameron Fund – telephone number 0207 388 0796 or