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What is PHP?

PHP is a confidential, NHS treatment service for doctors, dentists who are unable to access confidential care through mainstream NHS routes due to the nature of their role and/or health condition.

In 2008 Dr Gerada FRCP FRCGP MRCPsych was awarded the contract to deliver the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) service. The service operates in central London, led by Dr Gerada, and both she and the PHP team have expertise in managing addiction and mental health problems, along with experience of treating health professionals.

PHP is designed to enhance rather than replace existing NHS health services for practitioners by providing advice on access to local health services and prompt access to confidential treatment where local services are unable to meet their needs.

PHP enables doctors and dentists to be treated confidentially, eliminating the peer and patient pressure that they might otherwise encounter. Recognising the issues the patient presents, understanding the constraints they are operating under, and quickly treating them to reduce any further self-harm and ensuring that they practice safely. Helping practitioners seek help before their work and personal lives are adversely affected by their health issues. Confidentiality is a primary tenant of the NHS PHP.

PHP ensures that practitioners are able to access care, and reduces the stigma that practitioners have around admitting to a health concern, particularly those relating to mental health or addictions.

Any medical or dental practitioner can use the service, where they have –

  • A mental health or addiction concern and/or
  • A physical health concern (where that concern may impact on the practitioner’s performance).


The NHS Practitioner Health Programme is primarily funded by all London CCGs to treat London residents with GMC/GDC registrations.

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For practitioner patients who live outside of London we cannot accept self-referrals, however, NHS referrals can be accepted on a cost per case basis.

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The PHP team can provide the following service-

Telephone Advice:

The PHP service will provide telephone advice during the working day (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

Confidential telephone advice is available to practitioner-patients, family members, friends or colleagues, occupational health services or employers.

Web Advice:

Practitioner-patients can request appointments or ask for advice via the website. We aim to answer your query within one working day.

Face-to-face consultation:

We aim to offer appointments promptly, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Saturday morning appointments can also be booked in advance for CBT and psychotherapy for registered PHP patients.

The initial assessment will be carried out by an experienced member of our multidisciplinary clinical team. Please be aware that your first face-to-face appointment may take up to two hours.

The aim of this assessment will be to determine the nature of the problem and any further help or treatment that might be required.

Psychological Treatments:

PHP can offer a range of psychological therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy.