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Bank Adult Psychotherapist wanted

Job Title: Bank Adult Psychotherapist (Flexible)

Salary: £60-70 per hour (depending on experience)

The Service

The NHS General Practitioner Health (GPH) service is a new service that opened in early 2017. The service has been commissioned by NHS England to provide a mental health and addiction service for General Practitioners (GPs) who are experiencing mental health or addiction problems.

The service is operated by the award winning NHS Practitioner Health Programme ( who have been running a service for sick doctors and dentists in the London area for the last 9 years.

This England-wide NHS service is available to any GP living in England, and offers a completely confidential mental health and addiction service for GPs who would otherwise find it difficult to access existing local NHS services. The new service is discrete and will not have formal GPH sites across the country: instead it will be based in a variety of different settings, making it easier for General Practitioners to feel comfortable accessing the service.

The Role

The service is looking to recruit Adult Psychotherapists to work flexibly for GPH in all areas of England, other than London. You will need to have access to your own clinical/ therapeutic space to see patients, and be willing to work with complex and challenging presentations safely, and with minimal supervision.

GPs who are referred to you as a psychotherapist will all have a lead clinician who has undertaken their initial assessment, and will act as their clinical lead throughout their care at GPH. They will be referred to you for a limited period, for a specific piece of therapeutic work, for which you will invoice GPH. The lead clinician will be contactable for issues or concerns with your patients. Discussions about your patients will most likely be done remotely, due to the geographical set up of the service.

GPH are unable to specify how many patients will be referred to you, as this will be dependent on your availability, accessibility and patient demand. There will be an expectation that your availability will be shared on the GPH booking App, allowing your patients to book with you via this platform.

You will need to be an experienced psychotherapist with post qualification experience of working with complex patients who often have a dual diagnosis. You will also need to have existing clinical supervision arrangements in place.

Experience of working with sick health professional is also essential, as the 9 years of experience of PHP has shown that doctors present differently and have a number of additional challenges in accessing and remaining in treatment.

The importance of confidentiality is paramount to the success of the relationship between you as a therapist, your GPH patients, and the GPH central team. No patient should be worse off as a result of accessing the service. Working with this client group can be immensely rewarding, but can also occasionally pose some clinical and professional challenges. As a GPH psychotherapist you will have access to clinicians and managers with nearly a decade’s worth of experience of working exclusively with this client group, and you will be encouraged to share challenges with this team, and not take risks alone.

Your application for this post should reflect your knowledge of this client group and the challenges you expect to face. You should also highlight your availability to see GPH patients when referrals start.

Successful applicants will need to be flexible in their approach, sensitive to the unique challenges doctors face in accessing care, and be committed to providing evidenced based treatment in a strictly confidential manner.

If you wish to discuss this role further, please arrange to speak with the GPH Clinical Director, Richard Jones  –

Please send a cover letter, and a recent CV to the above address, along with the address of the premesis you will be seeing practitioner patients at.

You may find the information in the link below helpful in deciding if this is the right post for you.

Click here to view the Adult Psychotherpist post description

We look forward to receiving your application.