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Healthy Doctors: Healthy Patients

  2 weeks left to register at early bird rate!   Why not bring a friend or colleague?! Forward this email on or connect via Twitter @medicalwomenuk – Register now!.   Submit an abstract – deadline 26th September download a form here.   Been meaning to meet up with an old friends? Invite them along […]


Creating a Healthier NHS

JOIN US IN CREATING A HEALTHIER NHS HEALTHY STAFF for HEALTHY PATIENTS You are invited to have your say at a series of listening events across the country. Attend one or many, but please come. This is our opportunity to take control and start to redress the serious issues facing staff working in the NHS. A […]


‘You feel you’ve been bad, not ill’: Sick doctors’ experiences of interactions with the General Medical Council

Abstract Objective To explore the views of sick doctors on their experiences with the General Medical Council (GMC) and their perception of the impact of GMC involvement on return to work. Design Qualitative study. Setting UK. Participants Doctors who had been away from work for at least 6?months with physical or mental health problems, drug […]


Something is profoundly wrong with the NHS today

Clare Gerada says that there are serious problems with working life in the NHS and that these must be tackled if the NHS is to have a secure future Just as the historian Tony Judt said that “something is profoundly wrong with the way we live today,”[1] I believe that something is profoundly wrong with the NHS […]


Suspended Doctors Group at the Practitioner Health Programme

Group of suspended Doctors on the Practitioner Health Programme this morning about recovery Shibley Rahman It was a real honour and privilege to be invited to give a talk to a group of medical Doctors who were currently suspended on the GMC Medical Register this morning (in confidence). I gave a talk for about thirty […]


Lessons from “the other side”: teaching and learning from doctors’ illness narratives

Authors: Jonathon Tomlinson Publication date:  02 Jun 2014 Many doctors who become patients have been shocked by their experiences from “the other side.” Jonathon Tomlinson looks at these writings and considers what can be learnt from them For many years, doctors have written about their experiences as patients in the hope that others might learn something from what they have […]


Time to Think

Being a Doctor is tough—workload is increasing , the complexity of what doctors have to do has changed beyond all recognition, increasingly combining the role of a clinician with that of a manager. The Time to Think programme is a unique initiative with an emphasis on psychological development—identifying not just the structural or organisational but […]


GMC is “traumatising” unwell doctors and may be undermining patient safety, Gerada says

The former RCGP chairwoman Clare Gerada believes the medical regulator needs to rethink the way it treats doctors with health problems. Tom Moberly reports The General Medical Council is “traumatising” doctors and may be undermining the safety of patients through its adversarial approach to doctors with health problems, Clare Gerada, former chairwoman of the Royal College of […]


Practitioner Health Programme Five Year Event

On Wednesday 14/05/2014 The NHS PHP held an event “The NHS  Practitioner Health Programme Five Years On – Lessons Learnt and the Future Challenges” at the Regents Park Marriott Hotel, to celebrate and review the first five years of PHP and look forward to the challenges facing practitioner health. A number of speakers provided presentations […]


Dealing With Workplace Disputes

Early Conciliation – A new free service from Acas The free, fast and less stressful alternative to an employment tribunal for resolving workplace disputes Click on the following link for more details   Anne Sharp, chief executive of Acas, explains how the introduction of a new service called Early Conciliation in April this year […]


Doctors’ Health and Wellbeing: Depression in Surgeons

Dr Clare Gerada and Richard Jones work for the Practitioner Health Programme (PHP), a specialist service for doctors and dentists in the London area with mental health / addiction problems ( Here they discuss some of their preliminary findings (specific to surgeons) from a wider project exploring the ill health experiences of specific specialities within medicine. When compared to the general […]


When Doctors Become Patients It’s taken me over 20 years to appreciate just how little attention is paid in medical education to what it’s like to be a patient. Often, only the experience of becoming seriously ill finally compels [doctors] to change their thinking, and see themselves and their work more broadly, and from a different vantage point […]


Doctors and Mental Health Survey

The Centre for Psychosocial Research, Occupational and Physician Health at Cardiff University has launched a new survey to understand doctors’ in England’s attitudes to their own mental health.   Doctors are recognised as an ‘at risk’ group for developing mental ill health and there is a growing recognition that this requires closer scrutiny if we […]


What it’s like to take and withdraw from Morphine


The Professional Path to Recovery

Irish Medical Times article on recovery from drug addiction. CLICK HERE TO READ


Patient Feedback

‘Fantastic service – a huge support through a difficult time and always offers sound advice’   ‘Access to PHP was quick, thoroughly supportive and empathetic, good links to other therapies.’   ‘A fantastic service – wish I had known about it earlier.’   ‘The services here have been amazing, thank you so much.’   ‘This […]


Conference on Doctor’s Health to be hosted by The Royal Society of Medicine on 12 November 2013

Nearly 25% of doctors working in the UK have been found to experience stress at some point in their careers. This conference on ‘Doctors’ Health and Well-being: from medical students, to trainees and senior doctors’ will be suitable for both trainees and trainers. The date of the event is Tuesday 12th November 2013 and the […]


We have been shortlisted for the BMJ Mental Health Team of the Year award 2013

We have been shortlisted for the BMJ Mental Health Team of the Year award 2013: More information here The PHP Team   Left to right, top to bottom: Max Henderson, Lynne Simpson, Lucie Thorn, Jane Marshall, James Anderson, Richard Jones, Ruth Deighton, Sheila Jones and Claire Gallagher  


GP’s in Brighton and Hove can now self refer

Doctors on the GP performers list in Brighton & Hove can now self refer to PHP. Brighton & Hove CCG have entered into a call off arrangement with PHP to enable these practitioner patient’s to self refer to access timely and expert care


PHP endorsed as a “crucial service” by JMCC, BMA, NCAS, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and defence organisations

PHP has been endorsed as a “crucial service” by JMCC, BMA, NCAS, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and defence organisations, further information is contained in this PDF document.

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