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Doctors and Mental Health Survey

The Centre for Psychosocial Research, Occupational and Physician Health at Cardiff University has launched a new survey to understand doctors’ in England’s attitudes to their own mental health.


Doctors are recognised as an ‘at risk’ group for developing mental ill health and there is a growing recognition that this requires closer scrutiny if we are to support doctors effectively in the workplace.  At present we have only a rudimentary understanding of doctors’ attitudes to disclosure of their own mental health concerns and their perceived obstacles to disclose to their workplace.  Understanding these obstacles is important if services in England are to deliver effective and timely support.


This survey aims to address some of the gaps in our understanding and provide evidence for how such services should be developed and delivered. This anonymous survey is for

all doctors, regardless of whether they have personally experienced mental ill health.  If you are a doctor working in England and you wish to share your views, please complete the short online anonymous survey available here: