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If I am dependent on illicit drugs (e.g. heroin, cocaine) do you have to tell the GMC/GDC?

We have set up an agreement with the GMC and the GDC that allows us to see and treat practitioner patients without informing them of individual cases. The exceptions to this are where patient safety is at risk, where a practitioner is not complying with assessment or treatment, not heeding advice to take leave from work, or where there is a significant on-going misconduct issue, or where, even though abstinent, there is a serious risk of relapse. On going criminal activity would constitute such an issue. If such a situation were to occur, we would contact the GMC/GDC with your knowledge – we would try every thing possible not to go behind your back to discuss or refer a named individual. Therefore, whilst in the majority of cases we would have no need to involve the Regulator but we will always advise you that any use of illicit drugs is a breach of your Regulatory requirements and on-going illegal activity needs to be reported to the Regulator.

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