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What if I come through GMC/GDC procedures?

It may-be the case that the GMC/GDC have recommended that you approach PHP as they think you may benefit from the services we can offer you rather than being part of any restrictions or undertakings on your practice. Your contact with PHP is therefore purely voluntary on your part and the GMC/GDC will have NO further involvement and your care will be entirely confidential.

For some health professionals a condition of continuing practice might be that restrictions are placed on registration, known as undertakings or conditions.

These doctors/dentists often have a substance misuse or dependency diagnosis, and in these circumstances the GMC/GDC will appoint their own medical supervisors. Medical supervisors report back to the GMC/GDC on the doctor/dentists progress under treatment and also engage with the workplace and clinicians or others involved in the health professionals care. GMC/GDC medical supervisors do not provide ongoing treatment to the sick doctor. Some doctors/dentists in this category who contact PHP may want reports on their progress from PHP to form part of the GMC/GDC medical supervision process. However if the doctor/dentist does not give consent for PHP to share details of their health with the GMC/GDC then PHP will not do so (unless it appears that patient safety is compromised).

It may be the case that a complaint has been sent to the GMC/GDC and as yet the GMC/GDC has not completed their investigation or, or having investigated the complaint has decided to refer it to a Fitness to Practise panel. This might be the case where for example you have been referred to the GMC/GDC following a drink-drive offence. We can help you deal with your problem ahead of the GMC/GDC process and put you in a much better position when the case is eventually heard. This will especially be the case where you are able to demonstrate insight into your problem and benefit from the support and help that PHP is able to provide

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