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HHP Framework October 2018

The NHS Practitioner Health Programme has published an updated version of the ‘Guidance and Competencies for the provision of services using practitioners with a special interest – Health for Health Professionals Practitioner.’

This framework was first developed and adopted in 2010 in collaboration with the Royal Colleges of General Practitioners and Psychiatrists and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. It has been updated this year to reflect the learning from the last ten years of the Practitioner Health service and combines the knowledge and skills for all health professionals in the identification, treatment and management of mentally ill doctors. This provides the competencies for clinicians (doctors and nurses) joining our service and also highlights any learning needs. Other clinicians not working with PHS might also use this framework to identify areas where they might want further training. More than 120 clinicians have now been recruited and trained using this competency framework.

HHP Framework – October 2018