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200252946-001Depression is likely to be one of the main reasons why a practitioner will contact PHP1. Doctors and dentists often present, not with low mood but with feelings of guilt brought on by feeling that they are letting their colleagues down, or feeling that they are not providing their patients with the best care possible. Doctors and dentists may find that they find it difficult to concentrate and colleagues may notice that work is left unfinished, that reports and other administrative tasks are pilling up. The doctor/dentist might find it difficult to relax and that they turn to alcohol or hypnotics for help (the later maybe self prescribed or patient-returns).

Once you are assessed by a PHP1 clinician you will be offered a range of interventions based on the assessment.

These interventions will follow NICE guidelines 

If your depression is very severe we can arrange admission for you at one of the PHP2 preferred provider inpatient services. Alternatively we can arrange for you to receive specialist out-patient treatment at one of the PHP2 providers.