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Physical Problems

200458795-001There are likely to be a small number of individuals where their physical health concerns are causing serious performance issues and where that individual is reluctant to approach normal NHS services, for example deafness, tremor, severe back problems.

There are several reasons why doctors and dentists may not wish to access health care through traditional channels. Your GP may be a local colleague, possibly even a fellow doctor within the same  partnership, friend or relation. Under these circumstances, they may be too embarrassed about their condition to feel able to confide in them.

We are happy to discuss any physical health issue. However, it is important to stress that PHP is not designed to take over normal GP functions and we would not be offering routine general practice care. For routine problems for where there are long term health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or cancer it is much better and safer for you to register with a local GP.