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The Wounded Healer 2018 – Videos

10 Year Anniversary Conference of the Practitioner Health Service

A selection of the keynote speeches and presentations from the 2018 conference are available below.


Dr. Abigail Zugler “Why are Doctors in Distress?”


Henry Marsh “Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery”


Group Discussion: Changing Practice to Support Sick Doctors (Chair: Dr Clare Gerada, Dr Ide Delargy, Professor Debbie Cohen, Dr Gustavo Tolchinsky)


Adam Kay, comedian and author of “This is Going to Hurt”


Prof. Jill Maben “The Emotional Impact of Caring”


Dr Robin Warshafsky “A Father’s Experience”


Amy Wilson “The Development of Expert Biographies in Medical Writing”


Dr Dike Drummond “Burnout Proof Live Workshop”


Prof. Michael Myers “Toward Preventing Physician Suicide: It Takes a Village”


#AndMe – Changing Minds About Mental Health


Group Discussion “Resilience and Healthy Workplaces”


The Singing Healer “Lean on Me / You’ll Never Walk Alone”


Dr Clare Gerada – Consensus Statements and Closing Presentation





International Keynote: Henry Marsh, author of “Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery” CLICK HERE

Keynote: Prof. Michael Myers ” Toward Preventing Physician Suicide: It Takes a Village” CLICK HERE

Keynote: Dr Robin Warshafsky “A Father’s Experience”CLICK HERE

Amy Wilson “The development of expert biographies in medical writing”CLICK HERE

Louise Freeman “#AndMe – changing minds about mental health” CLICK HERE

Keynote: Prof. Jill Maben “The emotional impact of caring” CLICK HERE




Stream A Addiction Stream

Stream B Doctors Stories Stream

Stream B – Helen Bolderston

Stream B – Redfern & Plunkett

Stream C Promoting Resilience

Stream C – Chantal Meystre

Stream C – Margaret O’Rourke

Stream D Mistakes, Complaints and Blame Culture

Stream D – Sine McDougall and Kevin Turner

Stream E Treatment Models for Mental Health Problems

Stream E – Anna Mitjans

Stream F Medical Students

STream F – Diana Bass

Stream F – Margaret Bunting

Stream G Pure Research (The Evidence Base)

Stream G – Daniele Carrieri

Stream G – Katherine Warren

Stream G – S Marrinan – Doctors self medication

Stream G – Ulrich Müller-Sedgwick

Stream H Reflective Practice

Stream H – Lee Grant

Stream I Resilience and Healthy Workplaces

Stream I – Peter Sturgeon

Stream I – Robyn Vesey

Stream I -Kathleen Kendall

Stream J Getting the balance right

Stream J – Jessica Whitehead

Stream K Mindfulness

Stream L Wounded Medical Students

Stream L – Gundi Kiemle

Stream L – Margaret O’Rourke

Stream L – Marrison Strank



Stream A Burnout Workshop

Stream B Looking after Self

Stream B – Andrew Shepherd

Stream B – Rhian Sheppeard

Stream C Resilience and Recovery

Stream C – Andrew Tressider

Stream C – Lena Perez

Stream C – Sue Jamieson

Stream D Looking at self

Stream D – James Alegbeleye

Stream E We are all in this together

Stream E – David Miller

Stream E – Kay Dunkley

Stream F Early Resilience in Medical Students

Stream F- Clive Weston

Stream F- Megan Joffe