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Time to Think

TTTBeing a Doctor is tough—workload is increasing , the complexity of what doctors have to do has changed beyond all recognition, increasingly combining the role of a clinician with that of a manager.

The Time to Think programme is a unique initiative with an emphasis on psychological development—identifying not just the structural or organisational but also the psychological barriers to change and improvement and using tried and tested techniques to address these barriers and so improve patient care.

Our team of GPs, group analysts and behaviour therapists are here to help. We have put together a menu of options from mindfulness training to a package of remediation for doctors who find that everyday workplace pressures are preventing them from performing at their best.


What’s changed?

Doctors have always risen to the challenge and adapted to meet changed demands and circumstances. But our working life is becoming increasingly difficult. Doctors have little time to stand still, reflect, recharge, and re-engage with why we entered this wonderful profession in the first place.

Who should attend?

The course is specifically tailored to doctors who want new ideas and solutions to more effectively meet the changes and demands they face, revitalise careers and improve clinical practice.


It is a first port of call for those who wish to improve how they respond to pressure, or address specific areas of stress.


Or if doctors just need to refresh their batteries or meet like-minded health professionals and improve practice then this course is for them.


The course will help you meet your requirements for next year’s appraisal, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to improving performance.

What is involved?

The course is flexible, but as it currently stands it is delivered over 8 weeks, beginning and ending with a whole day Masterclass where practitioners have the opportunity to network, share experiences about working at the deep-end of practice and learn from each other.


Two small groups (8 practitioners) will take place between the Masterclasses.


What is included?

Initial one to one assessment including assessment of resilience, burn-out, insight and mental health

• Individual tutor throughout course (unlimited access)

• Masterclass 1— whole day (small [max 8 people] and large group [max 24 people]) (6 hours)

• Small group 1—half day (small group) (3 hours)

• Small group 2— half day (small group) (3 hours)

• Masterclass 2—whole day (small and large group) (6 hours)

• Individual post course assessment

• One to one careers advice (4 hours) *

• One to one coaching (4 hours) *

– All training material

– All refreshments during the course

The first Masterclass is from 1pm to 8pm on the 27th of June, at the IGA in Swiss Cottage, London. Thereafter dates are flexible and depend on the best fit of your small group and group facilitator

*choice of one



If you would like any further details about the Time to Think programme, please contact us at